Knee Saver

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From Here To There

Working on yours knees all day limits your mobility to a couple inches resulting in a job that took longer than it should of

Within in seconds you're on the other side of the room fetching a buzz saw the next second you've just installed a new floor. Work smart not hard!

Long Term Comfort

Depending on the  job it will require you to be on your knees for a longer period of time, which with daily abuse and constant pressure can deteriorate at the knee causing very painful and expensive problems in the near future

Embedded with a conforming silica gel our Knee Savers firmly sits the knee in a comforting and stabilized position ensuring maximum safety.

Built To Last

  • We understand that you need a tool that will last throughout the toughest of jobs. Which is why we promise a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if our product does not perform how explained
  • Ship within 24 Hours after Payment with Traceable Tracking Number for Each Order.
  • Easy Return, Fast Refund, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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